About Connie

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What do you really need to know about me?  How will this information help you decide if I’m the right psychologist for you?

Let’s see…

I’m a Registered Psychologist which means I have an advanced degree in psychology, have completed the registration requirements of the Alberta College of Psychologists, have a license to practice, am held to a high standard of practice, a code of ethics, and have practice insurance.

FOR YOU this means you will be served by a competent therapist, be able to submit your receipt to your health insurer, won’t have to worry about confidentiality breaches, improper behaviour, be able to confirm my credentials, and have a means of redress if I don’t do what I said I would.

I wasn’t always a Psychologist, I’ve owned a successful small business, worked for all 3 levels of government, large corporations, managed a mid size consulting firm, as well as worked on a number of boards and commissions in health care and other industries.

FOR YOU this means you will get someone who can relate to you and your experiences.  You’ll get a real sense that I get what you’re saying because…there’s a good chance I’ve lived something similar.

I’m passionate about being a Psychologist which means I came to this profession out of a real sense of purpose, a desire to help others as I was helped myself when I needed it.

FOR YOU this means you will team up with a therapist that is highly invested in helping you reach your goal, make the change you want to make, move in the direction you want to go.

I work from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model providing Strategic Psychotherapy which means I believe we improve the quality of our life by identifying the strengths we have, the skills we’re missing and changing the thoughts and behaviours we hold that limit us and cause us pain.

FOR YOU this means you won’t waste time and money being asked to relive a past you can’t change.  Instead, you’ll work on identifying what you want to accomplish and gain the skills to make it happen.

I’m trained in Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis which means I work from an acceptance and utilisation model.

FOR YOU this means you won’t pay professional fees to be read a script you can find online through a Google search.  If we use hypnosis, we will be targeting your situation, your issue, we will accept your current state, utilize your own life experiences and work toward reaching your own goal….and I promise…no clucking like a chicken… 🙂

I love to laugh and appreciate wit and humour which means sessions will be a mix of work and fun and laughter will echo out our door.

FOR YOU this means you will like coming to your sessions and let’s face it, we both know we learn more, and get more done when we enjoy what we do!