Socio-Emotional Intelligence – Not just for ADHD Kids

I work with a number of families whose kids have been labelled with ADHD or with some flavour of Anxiety Disorder…sometimes both.  I also work with many kids assessed as Gifted. A thing most of them have in common: problem making friends. Oftentimes this problem leads to a vicious circle of somatic complaints, school avoidance, low marks, low self esteem, bullying and in some cases, … Continue reading Socio-Emotional Intelligence – Not just for ADHD Kids

Depression and Bullying

Michael D. Yapko, PhD., psychologist, depression expert, wrote this article in his June 17, 2015 newsletter on the link between being bullied, being a bully in teen years and depression in adulthood. RESEARCH Teen Bullying Associated with Adult Depression In a recent online article in the British Medical Journal (BMI, June 2, 2015), researcher Lucy Bowes conducted one of the largest long term studies on the relationship between being a … Continue reading Depression and Bullying