Position Statement of the Psychologists Association of Alberta

The following Position Statements have been formally adopted by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.

  • Albertans have a right to work in psychologically healthy workplaces
  • Mental and behavioural health publicly funded services must reach parity with funding for physical health publicly funded services based on the burden of disease.
  • All Albertans, regardless of income, should have access to psychological services
  • Mental health counsellors and psychotherapists should be recognized by their professional title. The use of the generic title, “Mental Health Therapist” is a disservice to Albertans.
  • Mental health counselling and psychotherapy should only be provided by regulated health professionals with at least a master’s degree in psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, social work (in clinical practice), or by a psychiatrist.
  • The services of psychologists for the assessment & treatment of mental health problems & disorders of Albertans should be covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
  • All Alberta students should have timely access to meaningful and effective School Psychology services
  • Discrimination harms, diversity strengthens; diversity increases tolerance and psychological health and is the model for a caring society

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