A few years ago, after attending Evolution of Psychotherapy in California and meeting Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology,  I started incorporating a gratitude practice into my end of day routine.  Each night, the last thing I do is to share with my spouse 3 things I am grateful for.  He does the same thing in return.

The 3 things do not have to be big or amazing or mind blowing.  Some days, the best I can muster is that I’m grateful to be breathing!  Other days, I have a plethora of things to  choose from.  Regardless of where I am, at home, travelling for business, for fun or to manage family affairs, my day ends with a sharing of 3 things for which I am grateful.

Has it made a difference in my life?  I can positively say YES, it has.  I sleep better, I wake up with a more hopeful outlook, my relationships are richer, and, I would venture to say, I am a more present, kinder, gentler counsellor to my clients.  Since incorporating this small action into by routine, an action which only takes 2 minutes to complete, the world seems brighter, the possibilities more exciting.

The following link will direct you to an article on the 28 benefits of gratitude as found by research.  Take a read, try it out, a gratitude practice may be the gateway to positive transformation for you.

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