So, Just How Good is Hypnosis for Treating Anxiety?

The Evidence…

Gary Elkins, Ph.D., is a prominent hypnosis researcher and teacher. He is also the editor of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH), the premier specialty journal in the field of hypnosis.

Gary has made available to anyone and everyone interested in the effective treatment of anxiety – just about every clinician on the planet I’d guess – free access to a new research article appearing in the most recent issue of the IJCEH (Volume 7, issue 3).

The article is titled “The Efficacy of Hypnosis as a Treatment for Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis.” The authors are Keara Valentine, Leonard Milling, Lauren Clark and Caitlin Moriarty.

The results are highly supportive of the role of hypnosis in treating anxious individuals: “At the end of active treatment, 17 trials showed that the average participant receiving hypnosis reduced anxiety more than 79% of control participants. At follow-up, the average participant who received hypnosis improved more than 84% of controls.

Consistent with everything I wrote in Trancework, the researchers also found that “hypnosis was more effective in reducing anxiety when combined with other psychological interventions than when used as a stand-alone treatment.” (p.336).

Here’s the link to access the free article in entirety: